An Examination of the Sample Prep Market and Customer Satisfaction

Cryopreservation Vial

Sample preparation encompasses many techniques that allow scientists to release biological materials of interest from their natural entrapments for further analysis. As described in our previous posts for this series, sample preparation is a necessary step in virtually every laboratory procedure, but is primarily composed of three techniques: preparative chromatography, extraction, and nucleic acid preparation.

Despite solid growth in demand for all three techniques and related instruments, nucleic acid sample prep dominates the majority of the market (60% of overall sample prep demand) due to the rapid expansion of sequencing and genomic analysis in research and healthcare. However, chromatography and extraction techniques have their own targeted growth areas and industry applications, creating a complex picture of the overall market – one that product managers, marketing staff, and corporate strategists might find difficult to navigate and dissect.

The newest report from Bioinformatics and SDi: Sample Preparation 2018, A Tactical Sales and Marketing report, provides instrument suppliers the information they need to enter this market successfully, audit their brand’s current standing in the market, or focus their marketing and sales budgets on particular regions or industries.

This report provides a detailed picture of the entire market through in-depth demand and growth statistics, in addition to expert analyst commentary. This data will help you focus your efforts on the specific product types in a given category that have the highest potential for future sales. For example, although demand for preparative chromatography instruments is expected to grow at 3.8% over the next five years, high pressure liquid chromatography is expected to grow 4.2% or higher over the same time period.

If your goal is to fully grasp the market for sample preparation, it’s necessary to understand the current competitive dynamics. This report provides a plethora of information on various competitive dimensions. We’ve identified the top competitors in each market segment, as well as the vendor share percentages of these leaders.  A detailed analysis of end user survey data from over 500 scientists in various regions and end-markets is also included. Using Net Promoter Score methodology, we’ve identify customer brand usage and customer satisfaction. (For those unfamiliar with NPS scoring, this measures how likely customers are to recommend a particular vendor to another consumer.)

One of our findings was that in the prep chromatography market, Agilent and Waters were awarded net promoter scores of over 50%. It seems these suppliers have the most satisfied customers, but when we dive deeper into the statistics, ThermoFisher Scientific actually received the most “highly satisfied” ratings from scientists in the applied sector. Understanding the reasons behind these high satisfaction ratings could be the key to differentiating your business from the competition.

The survey also examines what customers value most in sample prep instrumentation. By remaining faithful to the preferences of customers, suppliers can build a product line that differentiates themselves from competitors and ensures customer loyalty.


Whether you are a large supplier expanding through business acquisitions or a small supplier investing in a new market, our Sample Preparation 2018 Tactical Sales and Marketing report arms you with the necessary knowledge to match the goals of your business. The full report is available for purchase on our website here, and for companies focused on just one or two of the techniques mentioned above, we also sell the three individual sections of the full report for a slight discount.


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