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High Performance Liquid Chromatography: A Technical Perspective

We’ve already discussed how scientists use high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), and why it’s important during the process of making discoveries. Suppliers also have a significant role in this process, since they provide scientists with the tools they need. At BioInformatics Inc., our intention is to inform businesses about the entire market for HPLC, including every […]

High Performance Liquid Chromatography: Market Growth Driven By Pharma

Vaccines strengthen our immune systems by exposing white blood cells to disease-specific antigens. This builds a depot of memory T cells, so in the case of a full-on infection, our bodies can fight off malicious organisms with greater ease. Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has been […]

Planning the Ideal Research Conference

As we discussed in our previous posts for this series (Connecting and Social Interaction), research conferences are an important opportunity for scientists to network and build their careers. For vendors, these events are a chance to learn about competitors and establish connections with potential customers. However, the major organizers of annual events and conferences are […]

An Examination of the Sample Prep Market and Customer Satisfaction

Sample preparation encompasses many techniques that allow scientists to release biological materials of interest from their natural entrapments for further analysis. As described in our previous posts for this series, sample preparation is a necessary step in virtually every laboratory procedure, but is primarily composed of three techniques: preparative chromatography, extraction, and nucleic acid preparation. […]

Connecting with Customers and Competition

Although there are many benefits scientists receive for attending conferences, these events are also exceedingly important for scientific instrumentation suppliers. Vendors directly interact with many prospective customers through product exhibits, workshops, panel discussions, and other activities. In most other settings, it can be difficult to hold the attention of scientists in order to effectively market […]

Research Conferences: Social Interaction and Educational Experience

April 14, 2018 was the opening day of the annual American Association of Cancer Research Conference. Every year, over 20,000 members of the cancer research community meet to discuss, brainstorm, synthesize, and network, with the common goal of improving treatment for cancer patients. Throughout four days of intense mingling, new cell imaging technology was introduced […]

Keys to Success: Understanding Various Sample Preparation Techniques

The term “sample preparation” covers a huge range of different applications, techniques, and instruments. However, since the market for sample preparation is growing so quickly, it’s necessary for life science suppliers to focus on the market’s major areas of growth. Our upcoming Sample Prep report focuses on three of these areas: preparative chromatography, extraction techniques, […]

The 2018 Sample Preparation Market: Critical and Quickly Growing

Imagine a scientist who is on the brink of an important discovery in oncology. She believes to have discovered a new tumor suppressor gene and wants to track this protein’s movement through skin cells by forming a recombinant fluorescent protein. In order to construct this protein, she needs to first extract and purify DNA from […]