April 2020 Digest


The Impact of COVID-19 on Research Labs

Since March 26th we have been surveying scientists around the world to understand the impact of COVID-19 on their research. Each Friday we field the survey to members of our online community The Science Advisory Board. For over 20 years The Science Advisory Board has been a vibrant community of tens of thousands of researchers and drug discovery scientists who have agreed to participate in our surveys, focus groups and interviews. We have just finished the third wave of our survey and have 2,320 unique respondents to our 14-question survey.

Coronavirus News

The Kalorama COVID-19 Clinical Masterfile

At the Coronavirus Taskforce Briefing on April 14th, Dr. Birx said “Last week, Dr. Fauci and his incredible team of researchers have agreed to really reach out and find additional Roche and Abbott high throughput machines that are in research institutions and doing critical research work to bring them online, also to supplement the other laboratories’ work to create a mosaic and a complete strategy that brings together the high throughput platforms with the medium throughput platforms with what are the low throughput but rapid platforms…”

Kalorama Information is proud to assist in the effort to fight COVID-19 by releasing the molecular testing segment of the Kalorama Clinical Masterfile. The Masterfile has 4,338 instruments from 1,604 institutions that have FDA EUA authorized instruments for COVID-19 Testing as of 4/15 and another 533 instruments at 172 institutions that could perform authorized assays.

Visit the COVID-19 Clinical Masterfile here.

Instrumentation Installed Base DataFile

For customers seeking to know not just the market for laboratory instruments, but how many instruments there are, SDi is releasing a supplemental spreadsheet deliverable for the 83 analytical technologies covered in the Global Assessment Report 2020. The SDi Installed Base Deliverable covers 270 instrument types in total, providing 2019 estimates of average price, unit shipments, unit retirements, net installations, and active systems.  These estimates are rounded and based on the market sizes of the Global Assessment Report 2020.

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Trending on IBO: The Growing Presence of the Analytical and Scientific Instruments Industry in the Asia Pacific Region

Demand for analytical and scientific instrumentation has grown in Asia Pacific, excluding China and Japan (Asia Pacific). Specifically, these products have been utilized to address issues such as climate change and an aging population food production and new energy sources.

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