July 2020 Digest

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Free Webinar: SDi & IBO Analysts Discuss Expectations for 2020 Analytical Instrument Market

Given the unprecedented nature of the current pandemic, we are augmenting our annual IBO 2020 mid-year forecast with a special webinar presentation. Top industry analysts will look at the impact of COVID-19 on the financial performance of leading instrument companies, and on the markets for important laboratory technologies.

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Blog: How Lab Automation is Supporting COVID-19 Testing and Research

As drug discovery and research efforts for COVID-19 therapies have inherited the spotlight in pharma and clinical labs around the world, interest in automated liquid handlers and robotics that can handle the workload has been increasing rapidly. This should not be surprising, as large-scale testing is needed to process thousands of patient samples every day and money has been pouring in for coronavirus research. To that end, high-throughput capabilities are needed to accommodate routine applications in…

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Free: IVD Market Guide and 300+ Company Directory

This guide provides detailed insights into the in vitro diagnostics market. The data is segmented by region and process, among other categories, to help you answer key business questions. This guide is published by our industry leading analysts and editorial team to provide valuable information about crucial trends in the diagnostics market.

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Trending on IBO: The Impact the Scientific Instruments Market on Water Testing

The water quality analysis and testing market’s role in improving water infrastructure on a global scale has shined a light on various issues related to the natural element. Access to clean water, government regulation addressing water pollution, extreme weather occurrences, and the attempt to update different region’s aging water infrastructure are some of the issues impacting water testing. The scientific instrument industry plays a crucial role in water quality analysis and testing, with companies offering analytical techniques and products that aid this end-market’s various goals

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Extended Through 2020: Tracking the Impact of COVID-19 on Research Labs, Clinical Dx Labs, and Imaging Facilities

The current COVID-19 crisis has forced lab closures and disrupted procedure volumes. That’s why Science and Medicine Group is actively monitoring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on laboratories and imaging facilities through our ongoing surveys.

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