September 2020 Digest

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NEW: Understanding the Life Science Customer Experience

Understanding the overall customer experience, from pre-purchase experience, to product experience, to post-purchase experiences, is more important now than ever before. Customer experience offers an opportunity for suppliers to differentiate themselves from other suppliers in a crowded life science marketplace on something more than product performance and price. An excellent customer experience is key to both maintaining relationships with current customers, as well as building and expanding new relationships with potential customers.

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consumablesBlog: Razor Blades and Gasoline – New Global Lab Consumables Report from SDi

Later this month, SDi will publish an ambitious new title, the SDi Global Laboratory Consumables 2020 report. Obviously, consumables play an important role in the overall laboratory tools market, and SDi have long tracked these products in our flagship Global Assessment Report. But it’s fair to say that the Global Assessment Report focuses more on the instrumentation and equipment product segments, while consumables have been largely treated as an subordinate line item in the market data tables.

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FREE: Five Fast Facts on the $80Billion Dollar IVD Market

  1. The Market Exceeds $83.3 Billion Dollars
  2. IVD Influences $8 Trillion+ Dollars of Spending in Other Markets
  3. COVID-19 Testing Added $9 Billion to the Market, Most of it in PCR
  4. Cancer Testing is Down but But Long-Term Still Represents a Growth Opportunity
  5. Few Companies Own Most of the Market, but Opportunities Exist for Others

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Trending on IBO: US Business R&D Tops $440 Billion in 2018

Published this month, the National Science Foundation’s (NSF’s) review of US business R&D spending in 2018 indicates the robust contribution of business R&D to the economy and the diversity of industries conducting R&D in the US. It also lays out the importance of both manufacturing and non-manufacturing R&D to innovation.

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