PITTCON: The Value for SDi

With PITTCON in the rear view mirror and the success of our Global Assessment Report release, we take a moment to reflect on what the conference means to us! As the largest annual trade show in North America for analytical laboratory products, PITTCON draws a vast range of visitors from all over the world, including scientists and lab technicians, educators, students, and representatives from laboratory science companies. This year, Pittcon was held in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center and, as has long been the tradition, among those flying in for the event was SDi – creating another small category of attendees – market researchers.

Instrument Business Outlook

In fact, SDi attends Pittcon for several reasons. Primarily, we go to cover the event for IBO, which includes learning about the different offerings that supplier companies are developing or aiming for in the future. As part of this, we are particularly interested in seeing what new products are being commercialized and how solutions are being developed to fuel the evolution of the modern laboratory. We also attend several key technical lectures that help our company stay abreast of new scientific advances and achievements. In other words, at Pittcon, it’s all about the future. While our team is engaged in learning about these innovations, we are also there to connect with suppliers and industry experts. Certainly, we have many public sources of information to draw on and are constantly in communication with company representatives and executives throughout the year, as we develop our publications and carry out our confidential projects, but Pittcon allows us an unparalleled opportunity to meet face to face, adding those intangible benefits to the friendly interactions.

SDi Global Assessment Report

This particular year, we also had some important news of our own to share – the conference gave us the chance to promote SDi’s flagship publication, the Global Assessment ReportSee our webinar to learn a little more about the industry hotspots and what our report entails! Made available during the show, the 2018 edition of the Global Assessment Report was released earlier than ever in the year, offering heavily-researched market sizes and segmentations for analytical instruments in the base year of 2017, along with a five-year forecast out to 2022. The report was built by SDi’s team of market analysts, all of whom hold scientific degrees, have served in end market laboratories, and specialize in perfecting their market expertise for a particular technology area, such as chromatography, mass spectrometry, molecular spectroscopy, and more. These are some of the techniques that are well-represented at Pittcon, making the show particularly appropriate for the launch of the report.

Waters’ Acuity Arc Biosystem

The Pittcon exhibition kicked off on Tuesday, February 27th – a departure from previous events that began on a Monday. Our joint team of ten representatives from SDi, IBO, and BioInformatics split up during the event so we could simultaneously cover the many different aspects the trade show had to offer. Much of the first day was focused on press conferences, where executives and managers from major companies presented to the media on their recent achievements, current offerings, and new products and services. On this occasion, Waters highlighted its new ACQUITY Arc Bio System; JEOL discussed new features on its NMR products, electron microscopes, and mass spectrometry software; Shimadzu showcased several new products, including the IRSpirit FTIR spectrophotometer and Nexera Mikros Microflow LC-MS/MS; Bruker highlighted various analytical systems and discussed its acquisition of IRM2, a supplier of high-speed IR microscopes; and Thermo Fisher Scientific unveiled several new products, including the new TSQ 9000 GC-MS/MS and Dionex ICS-6000 HPIC System. While the SDi and IBO team pours over the talking points from each company, from a market research perspective, these press events vary in their usefulness. This is why we also find time to meet one-on-one with multiple vendors, big and small, to discuss company news, products, and market trends.

There were over 700 exhibitors this year. And our team could once again be found roaming the Pittcon aisles, connecting with companies, meeting key representatives, and learning about what’s new in the marketplace. The insight we gather at Pittcon (and all the many other events during the year that we attend) helps inform our many publications throughout the year – whether it’s to gauge the best candidates for IBO’s top three new Pittcon products, confirm the price point for a new spectrometer, or learn about upcoming trends in cannabis testing.

Now with the momentum of Pittcon behind us and our flagship report already selling in the first quarter, SDi continues to move forward in creating a very exciting 2018. This year the company will be producing an unprecedented array of reports for analytical instruments, all produced by our highly-qualified staff of scientific and market research professionals. We have upcoming publications that will dive into the regional market dynamics of Latin America and Japan, an in-depth market assessment of HPLC and mass spectrometry – and that doesn’t even cover half of what we’ve got planned. With an expanded team this year, we look forward to continuing to deliver reliable and quality content for our customers. In the meantime, we have Analytica to look forward to in Munich, April 10 – 13! We hope that is not too early for Spargelzeit in Bavaria.

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