What’s in a name?  Apparently a lot because I’ve noticed more and more companies adopting the “life science” moniker – big pharmas, biotechs, CROs, even IT and software companies.  I’ve even seen reports from top-tier consulting firms that include hospitals and physicians in what they refer to as the “life science” space. As we begin […]

Last week, we released another new report – this time the topic is “Life Science Product Catalogs: Techniques to Increase Sales.”  In this report we present the perspective of over 1,000 life scientists worldwide regarding their preferences for print and online catalogs, how catalogs influence their ordering and purchasing habits, and which catalogs scientists prefer […]

My last few posts were a general look at exhibiting at scientific conferences.   In case you hadn’t heard, we recently released our latest report, “Conferences & Exhibits in the Life Sciences: What’s Working Now.” The bottom line appears to be that exhibits at scientific conferences and trade shows are an essential element of the marketing […]

Well it’s Awards season…the Oscars are coming up and the buzz from Hollywood grows louder by the day.  Not to be outdone, BioInformatics, LLC and The Scientist magazine are teaming up again to host the 2008 Life Science Industry Awards. There are still a few details to be worked out but one thing that you […]

Our research in the life science market leads us to believe that consumer behavior is fairly consistent. That is, there are a few simple behaviors that appear to be true across all demographics. In particular, corporate reputations are hard to change, which is good if customers like you, but terrible if they don’t. Likewise, as […]

In my last couple of postings I’ve tried to describe the market as we see it. What I’d like to do now is to start moving the discussion toward the challenges you face as a life science marketer, how good research can improve your probability of success, and how we’ve tackled some fairly common business […]

In our last post we described the market’s sellers – the biotech tools companies. But in order for there to be a market there has to be a buyer—in this case, life scientists working in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, university, and government labs. (As an aside, I hate it when people use the word “space” when they […]

The news continues to be filled with stories about failed clinical trials, slashed R&D budgets and the social controversies surrounding cloning, gene therapy and stem cells. This makes it easy to forget that the biotechnology industry continues to be full of promise-an industry whose contributions to science have been compared to the impact of the […]

Welcome to our blog. My fellow bloggers and I occupy a fairly unique position in the life science industry…here at BioInformatics, LLC (https://bioinfoinc.com) we help companies make better business decisions. Simply put, we work for companies that sell products and services to scientists. In our 13 years in business we’ve worked for every leading life […]