Drug abuse is one of the largest global health issues in the 21st century, with millions each year being touched by the second largest black market in the world after arms sales. According to the World Health Organization, nearly 300 million worldwide used an illicit drug at least once in 2016. Some drugs, like marijuana, are […]

Portable analytical instruments allow pharma companies and governments to do their job with maximum accuracy, efficiency and mobility.  And it’s big business. The total portable instrumentation market was just under $1.5 billion in 2018, according to our latest report.  The 2019 Market for Portable Instrumentation: In the Lab & In the Field expects future growth […]

The Fast Growing Market for Liquid Biopsies Liquid biopsies are a set of minimally invasive diagnostic methods that analyze tumor-derived materials that can be found circulating in biological fluids, to provide information for the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of cancer. While tissue biopsies and imaging techniques remain the current standards of care in the diagnosis […]

customer service technical support

The role and impact of customer service and technical support in the life science market has changed. At many companies, customer service and technical support activities traditionally lacked the glamour associated with developing innovating new technologies and products for research. Today, however, competitive forces, technological advances and heightened customer expectations have propelled service and support […]

BioInformatics Inc. is frequently called upon by clients to explore the market for instruments and equipment used in bioprocessing. In our conversations with scientists we’ve come to learn why innovations occur at such a slow pace in bioprocessing and drug development despite the rate of technological and scientific advancements. Biotechnology and electronics are two high-tech […]

Continuous manufacturing has greatly benefited consumer societies. Assembly lines are obvious examples for discrete manufacturing, while process industries rely on automation to transform raw materials into products continuously, without stopping even for the next process step. For the expression of therapeutic proteins, continuous upstream processing involves culturing cells within a bioreactor based on hollow fiber […]

Single-use or disposable biomanufacturing replaces stainless steel tanks, bioreactors, and plumbing with plastic, to provide flexibility, agility, and speed to the production of therapeutic proteins. A recent market study estimates demand for for Single Use Upstream Processing to grow at up to 15% per year through 2021, when demand will reach $3.7 billion.. As disposable processing worked […]