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Customers in any market often contact customer service and technical support departments when issues with products arise. Customers in the life science space are no different and rely on prompt and effective customer service and technical support from life science suppliers.

Good support from life science suppliers is particularly important as customers rely on the quick resolution of problems so that their workflow is only minimally interrupted when a problem arises. Interactions with customer service and technical support are also particularly important as these interactions can influence the likelihood customers will repurchase from a particular supplier or recommend that supplier to a colleague. Even a single bad experience can cause some customers from ever buying from a particular supplier again.

Customer Service and Technical Support were defined in the following ways:

Customer Service: assistance provided after a purchase decision has been made related to order fulfillment, delivery and billing of products (e.g., a non-technical problem)

Technical Support: advice and assistance provided related to the use of a product/instrument and identifying the correct product for a particular application/experiment based on your technical needs


Importance of Cust Service and Tech Support

While both customer service and technical support are important, a greater percentage of respondents indicate that technical support is highly important in their likelihood to recommend a supplier than is customer service.

These findings are based on a recent published report, Mini-Survey: Customer Service and Technical Support for Life Science Products.

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