Join the Herd, Embrace the Bird

OK, so they weren’t the first to jump on the social media bandwagon, but life science suppliers are starting to take a more methodical approach to using Web 2.0 social networking tools. Why not?  Many of these tools are free, they cast a wide net, and scientists love them.  Plus, unlike print ads—or even email blasts—social media keeps the conversation going.  For most suppliers, learning how to wage a social media campaign involves a mix of professional marketing advice, trial and error, and dinner table conversations with kids.  Fortunately, inherent in this loosely-defined and organically growing platform are literally thousands of self-appointed experts that are sharing what they know—often times for free.

For example, check out what the Q1Blog has to say about tweeting on their blog entry titled: Healthcare and Life science experts reveal tips to twitter success. And if you aren’t following us on Twitter (yet), I invite you to join the conversation!

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