Marketing to Scientists Online

Don’t use Flash! Add more photos! Better searches! Scientists aren’t shy about telling us what they like—and don’t like—about supplier websites. We know this because we asked them.

eMarketing to Life Scientists: Raise Your Voice Above the Noise, due out at the end of February, is loaded with market data on how scientists use websites, email and social media to gather information about products and interact with suppliers.

It promises to be a fascinating read.  Especially if you’re in charge of “building relationship” with scientists online.

And really, who isn’t?

R&D, Product Development, Customer Service, Sales and Marketing are all lurking on the electronic conversation to find out what customers are buzzing about. Websites are being redesigned to engage customers in an interactive user experience. And email blasts—despite the rumor that email is “going away”—are alive and well.

Plenty of companies out there can tell you how to deploy eMarketing tools to build your business.  But everyone knows that marketing to scientists is so, well, different.

Take a look at the Executive Summary of our eMarketing report to learn how this study reveals what scientists are saying is the best way to get their attention online.