Mass Spectrometry: Momentum Continues

With 2016 sales of $3.8 billion, we project the mass spectrometry market is on track for solid growth this year, buoyed by new innovations and detection capabilities across several vendors’ product lines. The market’s growth will be fueled by applications in life science, food safety and clinical research. Quadrupole LC/MS demand accounts for about one-third of the MS market. Its sales are expected to grow at a healthy rate during 2017, driven by triple quadrupole systems. Clinical research and pharmaceutical development will continue to be major sources of revenue, while an increase in outsourcing to contract research labs is also expected to benefit the market. Danaher’s SCIEX subsidiary and Agilent Technologies remain the top two suppliers of this technology. With the exception of ion trap LC/MS, we expect other classes of mass spec will also experience growth in 2017. Mass spectrometry is just one of the ten categories covered in the IBO 2017 Annual Review & Forecast issue.