On the Search Habits of Life Scientists

How do YOU search using Google™? Do you usually skip the sponsored links at the top? I do. I guess it’s the tire-kicker in me that starts at the 3rd or 4th link down (collecting ideas for a good dinner recipe, for example), but if I really want to buy something, I’m more likely to click on the ads at the top of the screen.

So what about scientists? How often do they use the paid links when gathering information about products? Good question. Also the topic of our recent mini-report, aptly titled “Google™ Sponsored Links,” available as a FREE download from our website.

Download the full report at gene2drug.com. Go ahead—it’s free.

By the way, did you notice that Google™ got a facelift last May?  It’s nice to know they are continually shifting design to help you (and them) make more money.

Here’s a key finding from the report:

How often do you search for information on or about life science products (at any stage: research, purchase, use, support, etc.) using Google™? (choose only one)