Shameless Self Promotion

In my last few posts, I’ve been focusing on some of the challenges of advertising in the life science market and our approach to helping clients develop more effective ads.  I’ll be honest here…I’m drumming up interest in our upcoming report on the subject: Advertising to Life Scientists: Resolving the Print vs. Online Dilemma.

You know the buzzwords: click-through rates, impressions, SEO. But do you really know the true value of your online advertising? Should your online advertising supplant your print placement strategy? Or complement it? Understanding your customers’ preferences and knowing what publications and Web sites that they read and trust can help you achieve the right mix and optimize your ad buy.  Seeing how your brand carries through the different media helps you position your messages for maximum impact.  Before launching your new advertising campaign or committing to the next media buy, find out what’s really going on inside your buyers’ heads with our in-depth exploration of how to successfully advertise to life scientists.  What’s even more interesting, this year’s report will feature a comparison between what scientists and advertisers think make for a powerful ad.  We’ll post publication details on our Website in the near future.

Next time, I’d like to conclude my discussion of life science marketing media with the final piece of the puzzle – exhibiting at scientific conferences.