The Primary Cells Market (Part 3): Bundled Shopping

primary cells

Our recent report on primary cells covered a lot of ground. We gathered and analyzed data on market size, customer preferences and planned usage.

The market for primary cells is larger in North America than it is in Europe (78% compared to 22%). The industrial customer segment represents about 53% of the market.

The preference of industrial researchers to purchase primary cells combined with their larger lab budgets for primary cells and media ($33,300 vs. $13,300 for academic labs) translates into higher share.

Our market model also provides an estimate regarding the importance of primary hepatocytes to the overall size of the market for primary cells.

The demand for hepatocytes is met by many of the major commercial suppliers [e.g., Lonza, Gibco (Life Technologies)] as well as entities with a near exclusive focus on the needs of ADME/Toxicology researchers [e.g., Xenotech, Celsis IVT, BD Gentest (Corning Life Sciences)].

Average Budget for Primary Cells

Average Budgets for Primary Cells and Media in 2012 and 2013


*These findings are based on a recent study published by BioInformatics, LLC. This market research study of the academic and pharma/biotech sectors in North America and Europe provides an analysis of the market for primary cells and an assessment of the brand equity for the leading companies who serve this market. This report also describes the emerging market for stem cell-derived differentiated cells, a potential threat—or opportunity—for this market. Learn more about report #13-004: The Market for Primary Cells & Stem Cell-Derived Cells: Current and Future Opportunities.