Winners of the 2021 Life Science Industry Awards for Innovation

New technologies make possible advancements in life science research, the development of drugs and therapeutics, and molecular diagnostics. They are critical to the study of genes, cells, and proteins and ultimately a deeper understanding of biological systems and disease mechanisms.

The Life Science Industry Awards (LSIAs) acknowledge innovative products introduced within the last year that contribute to the progress of science. The LSIAs are selected by BioInformatics Inc. which draws upon its network of scientific experts and lab personnel to choose the winners.

This year’s LSIA winners represent a cross section of major laboratory equipment and consumable providers. The solutions address many of the most prominent recent developments in the life sciences, including CRISPR, single-cell genomics and protein analysis. These innovative products illustrate the successful of commercialization of technologies in response to scientists’ evolving R&D needs.

“The companies we honor with these prestigious awards are innovators who enable academic, clinical, and pharma/biotech scientists to make new discoveries and diagnosis,” commented Bill Kelly, President of Bioinformatics. “We’re proud to have supported them as they seek to enable the discovery of new genes, new cellular mechanisms, new protein functions and ultimately the discovery of new treatments that make lives better.”

LSIA 2021 Winners

Most Innovative New Product – Cell Biology

  • 10x Genomics (Gold Award) for its Chromium X
  • Corning (Silver Award) for its HepGo Assay-ready 3D liver spheroid kit
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific (Bronze Award) for its Gibco Human Plasma-like Medium (HPLM)

Most Innovative New Product — Genomics

  • Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) (Gold Award) for its rhAMPSeq CRISPR Analysis System
  • Beckman Coulter Life Sciences (Silver Award) for its EMnetik System
  • Roche (Bronze Award) for its AVENIO Tumor Tissue Comprehensive Genomic Profiling (CGP) NGS Kit

Most Innovative New Product – Protein Analysis

  • Sartorius (Gold Award) for its Octet R
  • Waters (Silver Award) for its ACQUITY PREMIER Solution
  • Bio-Techne (Bronze Award) for its Abby automated Western blotting system