Your Brand Walks into a Bar…

Mary FollinRemember “Norm” on Cheers?  Of course!  Who could forget the lovable beer guzzler who was greeted by name—by bartenders and patrons alike—every time he walked into that Boston bar?  And surely you remember the neurotic waitress—oh, you know—What’s-Her-Name.

Did you hear the one about the life science tool company that walked into a bar and nobody knew his name?  If your company were a sitcom character, which one would it be?  Norm or What’s-Her-Name?

The strength of your brand determines how well your customers recognize you, trust you, and distinguish you from other brands. The challenge for life science suppliers is to quantify these “soft” variables and design a concrete branding strategy that works.

We have the inside scoop as to what scientists think about suppliers. We ask the right questions to support a branding strategy with hard data. With our proven research techniques and on-target market insights, our clients design branding strategies that increase customer satisfaction, promote brand loyalty and capture market share.

How does your brand stack up?