Life science tools companies are under increasing pressure to reduce time-to-market and the cost of introducing new products. As product lifecycles continue to decrease, compressing development cycles and accelerating new product introductions are becoming critical. Companies that fail to consistently launch new products will lose ground to more innovative competitors who invest in new and improved […]

The systems and consumables company reports nearly 750 units shipped of its transportable MS instrument  Today, Advion announced that during the year ending December 31, 2017, the company sold 58 units of its expression Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS) per quarter, totaling a milestone of over 700 orders of the instrument. Advion, a leading provider of […]

 The past year has been exciting for the field of advanced microscopy technologies, which includes confocal, multiphoton, light sheet fluorescence and other super resolution techniques. The continued growth of this market was fueled by both innovative technologies brought to market and companies establishing new partnerships. Our latest report from SDI, Advanced Microscopy: A Journey from […]

Each year in their annual forecast issue, Instrument Business Outlook (IBO) chooses a company of the year. IBO is the leading newsletter tracking trends and developments in the analytical and life science instrumentation, and laboratory products markets. The company chosen is one whose performance financially and operationally, and development of technology in the previous year, distinguishes it among industry […]