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Agilent Technologies: Growing Through Change

Agilent Technologies is one of the world’s largest providers of laboratory solutions, with $4.5 billion in annual revenues. Agilent is the second largest supplier of analytical and life science instruments, according to IBO’s list of the top 30 industry companies in 2016 (see IBO 4/15/17). IBO named Agilent its Company of the Year for 2017 […]

Advion Reaches Milestone Orders for its expression Compact Mass Spectrometer

The systems and consumables company reports nearly 750 units shipped of its transportable MS instrument  Today, Advion announced that during the year ending December 31, 2017, the company sold 58 units of its expression Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS) per quarter, totaling a milestone of over 700 orders of the instrument. Advion, a leading provider of […]

IBO 2017 Industrial Design Awards Announced

Los Angeles, CA 8/15/17—Instrument Business Outlook (IBO) today announced the winners of the annual IBO Industrial Design Awards for excellence in the industrial design of analytical instruments. The winners of the 2017 Awards demonstrate how industrial design can improve a product’s functionality and the end-user’s experience. The winners are: Gold Award:           Phytronix’s Luxon Ion Source Silver Award:          Illumina’s NovaSeq […]

The “Two-Headed Monster”: Vendors Tackle Antibody Validation

BioInformatics LLC’s 2017 Market for Research Antibodies: Keys to Success for Commercial Suppliers is a new research report based on a 36-question survey, completed by 1,074 scientists around the world between May 17 and July 4. The primary research report examines scientists’ preferences regarding the purchase and use of antibodies, as well as customer trust, satisfaction […]