Differentiating Industry Awards

Well it’s been a long time since I actually put fingers to keyboard and help Mary in using this blog to communicate with our clients.  I turned to Google today to see how our promotional activities for the 2011 Life Science Industry Awards are coming along and was gratified to see a big spike in traffic and numerous references to our past events.

I’ve also been reaching out to potential partners that we’d like to join us in making the LSIA a true industry-wide celebration of excellence.  One concern that’s been expressed to me is how we will ensure the integrity of the awards.  You see, awards conferred by market research companies or publishers are often viewed with skepticism and in some cases, outright disdain.  A few years ago one of our clients actually turned down one such award in a very public fashion.

When we joined with our friends at The Scientist way back in 2004 to host the first Life Science Industry Awards we were determined that our awards would be different and reflect the integrity and high standards that are inherent in our market research services.  The winners of the Life Science Industry Awards aren’t selected by “editors and are based on the response and click through rate of campaigns in 2010”.  Instead, we let thousands of life scientists from around the world nominate and vote for the companies they consider best-in-class and then subject the data to the rigorous statistical analysis that characterizes our work.  Seems to me that there’s a lot of value in our approach.  Clearly at least one company agrees… their newly launched awards program Life Science Awards not only closely resembles our registered trademark, even their other awards The Scientists Choice find their inspiration in what we created over seven years ago!

As the old saying goes: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Last week thousands of scientific consumers nominated the companies that will appear in the official ballot when voting begins this week.  Stay tuned for our announcement of the nominees!