New Media Savvy Scientists Wanted by the SfN

The Society for Neuroscience wants YOU. If you’re going to Neuroscience 2011, you can apply for the role of “roving reporter” at the conference. Except, instead of a notepad and tape recorder, bring your smartphone.

Until September 30, SfN is accepting applications for bloggers and tweeters from member company attendees who plan to be at the conference for the duration. Selected neurobloggers will be expected to tweet and blog about workshops, posters, exhibits and happenings throughout the 4 day event.

Who better than a representative from a life science supplier company to report on what’s going on at this annual meeting? It seems to me that bloggers from the companies that develop the tools of neuroscience could provide a unique perspective for the scientists that use them.

This could be a fun gig. Plus, you’ll be able to add “neuroblogger” to your resume.

And if they pick you, come on over and see us. We’ll be hosting the Life Science Industry Awards® on the last night of the conference. We’d love to hear about your experience!

Leave a comment—what are your plans for Neuroscience 2011?

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