India 2016 – A Vibrant Market for Analytical & Life Science Instrumentation

India's Science Market

A citizen of Bangalore, India from the mid-20th century would hardly recognize the city today. The Indian metropolis, once sparsely littered with office buildings and palm trees amid crooked streets, is today dominated by skyscrapers, highways, and Starbucks coffee shops. Since the establishment of the first multinational corporation (Texas Instruments in 1985) this eastern Silicon Valley has experienced a rapid expansion that rivals that of all other leading economies.

Yet, unlike in the Westthis (bio)tech bubble is not at risk of bursting any time soon. With a large and industrious younger population, college educations that range from $100-1,000/year, and increasing integration into the global economy, the economic outlook for India is strong.

On the crest of this surging economy is the market for analytical instrumentation. With an analytical instrument market predicted to grow by 6.8% over the next five years, it is no wonder that leading companies have set up shop in South Asia. At the top of list, companies like Thermo Fisher Scientific, Agilent Technologies, and Waters operate through wholly subsidiaries and hundreds of licensed local distributors. Less familiar in the market, but no less imposing in assets, companies like Danaher, Shimadzu, and GE Healthcare and others compete to tap into this $1.4 billion reservoir.

Strategic Direction International’s (SDi) market experts, through extensive research and decades of compiled market data, have worked out the intricacies of this complex market. Furthermore, in order to better understand this dynamic market on the customer end, SDi conducted an end-user survey of 325 scientists and researchers working in India today. These valuable insights have been carefully compiled into a single, easy to read Market Perspective and Analysis (MAP) report, India: the Best of the BRICS.

BioInformatics LLC’s SDi division is comprised of the world’s leading experts on the market for analytical instrumentation. Their MAP reports provide subscribers with an unusually detailed and concise perspective into markets, products, competition, and technical developments for specific industry segments. Each report is the product of intensive research and analysis by market experts, providing subscribers with the highest quality industry analysis. In this 172-page report, SDi investigates in superb detail the Indian market for chromatography, mass spectrometry, molecular spectroscopy and more.