Is Outsourcing the Wave of Pharma’s Future?

Mary FollinIn a worldwide marketplace, CRO’s are able to establish clinical trials in areas of the world that are most conducive to cost efficiencies, high patient availability and speedy enrollment. This Pharmatech article discusses the benefits—and drawbacks—of expanding farther into Eastern Europe.


Contract Research Organizations (CRO’s) have gained increasing viability as pharmaceutical and biotech companies cut costs by outsourcing pre-clinical and drug discovery services. Here are some of the questions suppliers want to know the answers to about the current CRO landscape:

What types of services did labs outsource to CROs in FY2009, and what are the plans for outsourcing in FY2010?

Which pre-clinical/drug discovery services do labs outsource to CROs?

How will utilizing CROs change the number of instruments and consumables labs plan to purchase in FY2010?

What are the top reasons a company decides to outsource pre-clinical/drug discovery services to CROs?

Our February 2010 report, The Contract Research Market for Drug Discovery Technologies: Opportunities for Life Science Suppliers, will address these questions—and more. Until the end of next week, this report is on pre-release pricing. Let me know if you would like to see the questions we used to survey the scientists.