No pressure here, but is your video online yet?

Mary FollinSo you’ve been backed into a corner once again by social media—whether you like it or not, (or even know how), you gotta do it. Scientists are using online videos to research products. OK, so maybe this is a good thing for you. You’ve got a six-figure online marketing video budget, and you’ve signed a fat contract with a top agency. But what if you’re an entrepreneur with a laptop and a webcam?

As indicated by the scientists who participated in our recent study on online marketing videos, Bio-Rad Laboratories is by far producing the most memorable videos. However, a high percentage of those who claim to have watched a product video could not name a single company whose videos they considered memorable. Scary—if you’ve dropped big bucks on production. But good to know if you have a small budget; linking your video with your brand will yield greater results than a slick show.

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