Looking forward to 2010?

Mary FollinIt’s that time of year again—life science suppliers are conducting annual strategy reviews, and gearing up for a (much more) prosperous 2010. To guide your 2010 strategy, we’ve asked scientists in the lab detailed questions on how they plan to allocate next year’s funds. Our upcoming report, The Market Outlook for Research Products in FY2010, draws from academic and industrial labs—across U.S. and Europe—and provides quantitative research on sources of funding, planned expenditures by product category and vendor, and how to target your marketing/promotional campaigns.

Here’s what this report will help you do:

  • Understand current source of funding with a special focus on American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds.
  • Compare and contrast FY2009 (actual) and FY2010 (projected) budgets by product category with a focus on differences between Academia and Industry, United States versus Europe and small versus large laboratories.
  • Correlate scientists’ projected budget for 2010 with anticipated purchases in instrumentation and consumables—examining trends across 14 product categories—by vendor and product category.
  • Identify strategies scientists used/intend to employ to “stretch” budgets enabling suppliers to create highly targeted marketing programs and promotions.

Ping me at [email protected] or 703-778-3080 extension 13 if you would like me to send you the questions we used to survey the scientists for this report.