NaviGRANT Champions Life Science Suppliers

BioInformatics LLC welcomes NaviGRANT as a sponsor of the Life Science Industry Awards®. If you haven’t yet heard of this innovative company and how they can help you target labs that will buy your products, check out their website here.

NaviGRANT is a subscription database containing detailed and updated grant information from sources such as NIH, NSF and SBIR. As the company name implies, the NaviGRANT subscription service helps you navigate the labyrinth of life science grant awards so you can find out where the money is.

After all, isn’t that something you need to know?

While the government makes grant information publicly available, NaviGRANT’s online tool organizes the information through intuitive searches that yield news you can use:

• Cluster related grants together by research area for targeted marketing
• Find labs (with new money!) that are the best match for your products
• Track macro funding trends for specific product areas

Sound interesting? Come on over to the Life Science Industry Awards® and meet the NaviGRANT team.

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The Life Science Industry Awards® is a jointly-owned registered trademark of BioInformatics LLC and The Scientist LLC.