Scientific Discovery at George Mason University

The Life Science Industry AwardsHere’s a name you’ll want to remember: Alessandra Luchini. Dubbed one of the top 10 Brilliant Scientists Under the Age of 40 by Popular Science, Dr. Luchini and her team at George Mason University have developed a technique that can help diagnose cancer and other diseases sooner.

Using nanoparticles to facilitate earlier detection of disease biomarkers, Dr. Luchini’s research has the potential to alert doctors to disease in their patients when there is still enough time to do something about it.

How’s that for changing the world?

We are excited to welcome Dr. Luchini as the keynote speaker at this year’s Life Science Industry Awards. Her work with nanoparticles pushes the envelope of scientific discovery, and is just one example of the kind of cutting edge research that the award finalists are powering with innovative technologies.

Dr. Luchini will be one to watch. Off to a strong start in her scientific career, there’s no telling where she’ll go next.

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