Put eMarketing to Work for You

“Some silly Facebook pages for certain vendors complete with faux-enthusiastic stories about what their reps have been doing in their hobbies etc. I really don’t care.” Oliver, Staff Scientist, Academia

“The amount of updates from vendors is far greater than I can manage with my busy schedule.” Allan, Lab Manger/Director, Industry

“Vendors are trying to use social media to substitute for adequate customer service and technical support. This is cheap and inefficient.” Beverly, Principal Investigator, Academia

Ouch. Scientists don’t mince words when they’re not happy about something, do they?

At least they’re clear about what they don’t like, which is helpful when you’re trying to sell to them.

It’s not that vendors WANT to be annoying. They aren’t TRYING to stuff a scientist’s inbox with irrelevant content. And they certainly don’t want their carefully crafted messages to end up in laboratory junk folders.

It’s just that navigating the digital marketing scene is so darn complicated.

If you are a supplier who is trying to figure out how to cut through the noise and develop a powerful emarketing strategy, you will want to attend this one day workshop in Boston, MA on March 21, titled Best Practices for Online Marketing to Scientists.

Two industry thought leaders, Bill Kelly, President of BioInformatics LLC and Hamid Ghanadan, President of the Linus Group are joining forces to help you sort out the “do’s” and “don’ts” of digital marketing.

After attending this workshop you will know how to:

-Create online marketing strategies that shorten sales cycles
-Cut the waste out of marketing programs and focus on ROI
-Develop digital content that keeps prospects engaged
-Learn about employing channels such as marketing automation, social media, and search engine optimization.
-Understand how the skillful application of personalized content, robust privacy practices, responsive customer service, unique community-building activities, interactivity, enhanced security, and appealing sales promotions can engender enduring customer loyalty.

Thinking about joining us in Boston? Let us know!