In modern times, Japan has been a haven for high technology, with its companies often paving the way for new technological advancements that help shape industries – such as innovations in robotics, semiconductors, and electronics. Although Japan remains a country of technological innovation and scientific research, current scientists in the country face hurdles in the […]

We’re officially into the second half of 2015 and, inevitably, smack dab in the “Summer Doldrums.” While a good portion of the world takes their holiday at this time of year, BioInformatics is in the midst of preparing its most comprehensive report, The 2016 Global Life Science Funding and Budget Outlook. Comprised of both secondary […]

Learn all about scientists’ usage and preferences with regards to brands, purchasing, product quality and budgets. Discover the purchasing habits of labs and how you can influence the buying decision. Find out how you are situated in the market and what kinds of opportunities you might be overlooking.