The Market for Antibodies: Keys to Success for Commercial Suppliers

With hundreds of commercial suppliers of antibodies, selecting just the right antibody brings to mind the famous lock and key analogy of antibody-antigen binding—how do scientists find the perfect match?

We first answered this question in 2004 and were then asked to update the answer in 2006.  Now it’s time to revisit this important market once again.

BioInformatics, LLC has just surveyed 1,000 life scientists about the types of antibodies that they use and their opinions regarding antibody suppliers.  Specifically our next report, The Market for Antibodies: Keys to Success for Commercial Suppliers will:

  • Reveal market specific differences in usage of antibody-based techniques by segmentation analysis
  • Determine market share by usage rates for different market segments and geographic regions
  • Assess market growth potential
  • Identify leading suppliers of commercial, pre-made catalog antibodies and those suppliers that differentiate themselves through product quality and customer service
  • Highlight market factor(s) that influence a customer’s decision to purchase one brand of pre-made catalog antibodies over another
  • Provide insights into which product features contribute to customer satisfaction and customer dissatisfaction
  • Measure customer loyalty via respondents’ willingness to promote a particular brand
  • Calculate a customer value score for segmented customer profiles
  • Evaluate brand health of the preferred suppliers based upon key performance metrics related to promotion, products, price, placement and service

In addition, we’ve also set up a Twitter account where you can find out which commercial retailer do your customers think of when they purchase antibodies from your company?  Check out the answers here: