The Market for Primary Cells & Stem Cell-Derived Cells

ARLINGTON, VA, May 16, 2013 – BioInformatics LLC announces the release of their newest market report: The Market for Primary Cells & Stem Cell-Derived Cells: Current and Future Opportunities (13-004).

With barriers to entry low, the number of suppliers in the primary cells market continues to increase. In this study, BioInformatics LLC examines what cell types are used most often, how satisfied scientists are with commercially available primary cells, what is the market size and anticipated growth rate.

Additionally, terminally differentiated cells can be used in many applications where primary cells are currently employed. This report profiles this emerging market and the role of commercial suppliers in this area, and explores how the use of primary cells be will be affected by the availability of stem cell-derived differentiated cell types.

Of interest to suppliers is what motivates scientists to purchase primary cells. A key finding in this report indicates that the number one reason that a lab chooses a particular supplier is that the required cell type is available (75%). But not too far behind (54%) is that the product quality is consistent for that particular brand. Additionally, the study finds that the average number of liters per month used to culture primary cells in North American and European labs is 9.95.

The following companies are listed as answer choices in the survey:

BD Gentest (now Corning Life Sciences)
Cell Applications
CET (Cell Engineering Technology)
CellnTec Advanced Cell Systems
Celsis IVT
Global Stem
Gibco (Life Technologies
Lifeline Cell Technology
EMD Millipore
QBM Cell Science
Stemcell Technologies
Thermo Scientific
TRL Triangle Research Labs

“This study of the academic and pharma/biotech sectors in North America and Europe will provide suppliers with an estimate of market size and share as well as an understanding of the product features that drive customer satisfaction with primary cell products,” says Robin Rothrock, Ph.D., Director of Publications at BioInformatics LLC. “We also explored the rapidly emerging market for stem cell-derived differentiated cells, discovering how and why these cells are being used. Our results suggest that the (commercial) availability of certain stem cell-derived differentiated cell types might be a threat to primary cell suppliers.”

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