This One’s for You

It’s time to honor the unsung heroes of science—the supplier companies that make it possible for scientific discovery to happen. Without microscopes, flow cytometers, pipettes and the like, we’d still be in the dark ages.

Or worse.

So, to shine the spotlight on the companies that empower scientific research from behind-the-scenes, BioInformatics LLC is hosting the 7th annual Life Science Industry Awards® to recognize the top suppliers in over 25 product and service categories.

At least for one night, we’re giving life science suppliers center stage.

Over the next few weeks, thousands of scientific consumers on The Science Advisory Board® will have the opportunity to “vote” for their favorite suppliers via an electronic survey.

The winners will be announced on November 15, 2011.

Held in conjunction with Neuroscience 2011, The Life Science Industry Awards ceremony will take place at the Grand Hyatt Washington. Some of the categories for which suppliers will be recognized as “best in class” are:

  • Cell biology instruments—microscope-based
  • Instrumentation for genomic analysis
  • Instrumentation for protein analysis and purification
  • Antibodies
  • Cell biology products
  • Cell culture media and reagents
  • Nucleic acid purification and separation products
  • Best use of the Internet and/or social media in 2011
  • Most useful website
  • Most responsive customer service department

The popular vote in each category wins; encourage your customers to cast their ballots. For you.

To vote, scientists must be a member of The Science Advisory Board. Direct them here to apply. It’s easy and it’s free. Registered members will receive a ballot in September.

Click here to learn more about The Life Science Industry Awards.


The Life Science Industry Awards® is a jointly-owned registered trademark of BioInformatics, LLC and The Scientist LLC.