Video Marketing for Life Science Products

Bill KellyLots of suppliers have been making short videos of product demonstrations for years now.  But Bio-Rad really took the market by storm with its PCR Song video back in January 2008.  It was (to my knowledge) the first use of a professionally-produced, viral video in our market.  Since then, many others have followed their path and as videos become an essential part of the marketing mic (and budget!) we thought it was time to answer some questions about scientists’ receptivity to this new medium.

In BioInformatics LLC’s latest report, New Media Marketing Channels: Creating Effective Online Life Science Promotional Videos, we surveyed nearly 1,300 scientists for their opinions on marketing videos produced by life science suppliers to find out how videos are discovered, used and shared, and to understand impact on brand awareness and purchasing behavior. In this era of personal branding—where brands are shaped by the power of online communities—companies must figure out what makes a scientist choose to watch their concept, product demonstration or PR spin, and subsequently buy into the message and share it with colleagues.

Whether your company is already deeply involved in video marketing, or trying to determine if it’s right for your product line (hint: it is), this report will clearly show you what’s working and what’s not.  Download a free Executive Summary at our Website and take advantage of the pre-publication discount