We’re approximately half way through 2018, and our clients continue to innovate and release new products that enhance the level of productivity and efficiency of their scientific customers. Here at BioInformatics Inc. we’re very proud of our ability to deliver Voice of Customer research to our clients’ New Product Development (NPD) initiatives. To stay on […]

Latin America, a continent comprised of 33 countries, 635 million people, and a rich and diverse culture, brings growth to several important industries. Manufacturing, metals, textiles, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and oil & gas industries amongst many others are key to Latin America’s economy. Of course, no one can forget the robust coffee industry, without which many […]

US research body the Insights Association has announced new leaders for its International Standards Organization (ISO) audit and certification subsidiary CIRQ. Craig Overpeck now chairs the Board while Michael Brereton and Kevin Kish have joined it and Juliana Wood becomes its MD. CIRQ (the Certification Institute for Research Quality) was established in 2010 to assess […]