Eppendorf instruments perform well

A recent study revealed that instrument performance is the attribute most important to labs when they purchase equipment. In our Brand Health and Trend Analysis, Eppendorf instruments scored quite well on performance.

The results of the Brand Health and Trends analysis present the percent of the brand’s customers who rated the brand favorably for each of the metrics (representing by the blue- shaded bars), as well as the percent of the brand’s customers who have indicated recent improvement of the metric based on their experience.

An arrow icon indicates a relative comparison of the individual brand’s recent improvement for each metric to the benchmark level of all brands profiled in this study.

While the arrows in the Eppendorf analysis indicate a downward trend, this could quite possibly have to do more with competitive brands’ efforts to improve their own scores, rather than a decline in Eppendorf’s brand performance.


*These findings are based on a recent study published by BioInformatics, LLC. This report was designed to help suppliers identify brand strengths and weaknesses and to provide direction as to how to differentiate instrumentation offerings. This report offers suppliers an unbiased assessment of how major brands are performing compared to their closest competitors. Learn more about report #13-005: Life Science Instrumentation: Brand Performance.