Make life science market data come to life

Visually-engaging data presentation is the future of market research.

This statement remains true for those of us in the life sciences industry. Whether your a corporate exec or a sales rep in the field, having critical market data at your fingertips is vital for your company’s performance.

We at BioInformatics LLC had the desire to better equip our clients with relevant market intelligence that is:

Customizable. Because every company has their own strategic objectives and methods of interpreting and presenting information.

Shareable. Because you need to share your conclusions with colleagues and superiors in mobile-friendly and offline formats.

Interactive. Because data shouldn’t be static! Your data should be dynamic and centralized in one cloud-based hub, and not on page 99 of a PDF.

In January 2015, BioInformatics LLC launched a groundbreaking, dynamic-data presentation platform, Interactive Market Intelligence — the only cloud-based market research analytics tool for the life science industry.

Superior to traditional PDF and PowerPoint reports, Interactive Market Intelligence allows end-users to filter, create and export literally thousands of views of data — all easily obtainable from a set of core metrics that include Market, Brand, Customer and Workflow analytics in well-defined segments of the life science market.

The Market for Real-Time PCR is the first in a series of topics to be explored using the Interactive Market Intelligence platform. The primary research analysis is based on a survey of 900+ international scientists performing qPCR in their laboratories.

See our demo which showcases “The Market for Real-Time PCR”:

Key data findings from “The Market for Real-Time PCR”:

  • Global market for qPCR in 2015 is estimated to be $3.6B
  • The average growth in qPCR throughput is expected to be at 9.8% in 2015
  • 22% of respondents are highly likely to switch primary suppliers of qPCR products
  • 50% of respondents use pre-designed primer/probe sets

Take advantage of the unique capabilities of this Interactive Market Intelligence analytics model from BioInformatics LLC, accessible from anywhere at anytime on your laptop or tablet.

Contact us at [email protected] for more information and for a personal demonstration appointment.

Future licenses to be available on the Interactive Market Intelligence platform:

The Market for Cell-Based Assays (to be available on 1/26/15)

The Market for Stem Cells (February 2015)


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