Mastering the Online Conversation: Digital Marketing to Life Scientists

What does make a scientist click through, and what makes them hit delete? When are your customers most receptive to receiving emails from you? How does a supplier become a trusted voice in the social media conversation? Do banner ads work on social sites? Do scientists find science-specific social sites to be more credible/useful?

Done right, digital marketing is an exciting and cost-effective way to positively impact revenues.  Conversely, a heavy price can be paid for missing the mark.  Blacklisted by research institutions or companies, added to do-not-send lists, reported as spam, blocked from forums, and losing sales due to an unclear call-to-action, a failed campaign can undermine the entire marketing effort.  I think it’s important for suppliers to understand the nature of their online relationships with researchers—what engenders customers to a brand and what gets ignored, complained about or dragged into junk.

Recently, I took the lead on a new project that explores these all questions and more. In this study, we had scientists weigh-in on which vendors have gotten the dialog just right—and which ones haven’t.

For suppliers who want to develop a thoughtful social media and email marketing strategy, I highly suggest checking out a few of the key findings from this report.