Quality of Service: The more communication channels, the better

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In a recent study, we explored customers’ experiences with solving non-technical and technical problems and their preferences when contacting life science suppliers’ support departments. Maintaining positive customer service and technical support interactions leads to more satisfied customers who are more likely to return.

Many, but not all, customers turn to life science suppliers’ service and support departments to solve their customer service or technical support related issue. Respondents may choose not to contact the supplier because there is a quicker way to get the response elsewhere, or they do not believe that suppliers will be able to adequately address their problem. Whatever reason respondents do not contact the supplier, failure to do so makes it more difficult for suppliers to address these concerns. Thus, high quality problem resolution is particularly important for those issues which suppliers are given the opportunity to address.

Suppliers should strive to offer a wide variety of communication channels for customers to contact them, and to maintain the quality of interaction on all channels. Greater opportunities for customers to contact suppliers can help strengthen the customer – supplier relationship.

LS Customer Service Communication Channels

Suppliers should keep these specific channel preferences in mind when deciding which channels of customer service to promote and tailor to different customer segments.

These findings are based on a recent published report, Mini-Survey: Customer Service and Technical Support for Life Science Products.