In an era where people are slammed with messages, can your customers pick you out of a crowd? If you are investing in email campaigns, snail mail campaigns, advertising, catalogs and Web design, your theme must ring clear so that customers recognize—right away—when outreach has come from you. At BioInformatics, we have been tracking the […]

It’s that time of year again—life science suppliers are conducting annual strategy reviews, and gearing up for a (much more) prosperous 2010. To guide your 2010 strategy, we’ve asked scientists in the lab detailed questions on how they plan to allocate next year’s funds. Our upcoming report, The Market Outlook for Research Products in FY2010, […]

The news continues to be filled with stories about failed clinical trials, slashed R&D budgets and the social controversies surrounding cloning, gene therapy and stem cells. This makes it easy to forget that the biotechnology industry continues to be full of promise-an industry whose contributions to science have been compared to the impact of the […]

Welcome to our blog. My fellow bloggers and I occupy a fairly unique position in the life science industry…here at BioInformatics, LLC ( we help companies make better business decisions. Simply put, we work for companies that sell products and services to scientists. In our 13 years in business we’ve worked for every leading life […]