Sales Reps: How Important Are Mobile Sales Platforms to Life Scientists?

While the utilization of mobile platforms by scientists—to either look-up product prices or purchase products—is still relatively low, it is a rapidly growing trend in the Asian life science market. Additionally, more scientists in Asia than in North America or Europe appear to be interested in using social media to interact with sales reps, following them on Twitter, for instance, or reading their blog posts.


As life science companies continue to develop their mobile platforms, they should keep in mind that any technology they design should be part of a broader marketing strategy. Mobile platforms should be considered just one more part of a much larger and more complex system of communication channels with the customer. Electronic-based tools and technology interfaces should provide sales reps with the ability to navigate these communication channels and reach out to scientists at various stages of the purchase decision process.

*These findings are based on recent study conducted by BioInformatics, LLC: Report #12-002: Life Science Sales Reps: A Guide to Best Practices in 2012.