It’s been another busy and exciting year here at BioInformatics, now part of Science and Medicine Group. Together with our sister brands, Instrument Business Outlook, IMV Medical Information, Kalorama Information and Strategic Directions International, we’ve been helping clients achieve success through our quantitative and qualitative custom research services, our market research reports and industry data […]

In this article we discuss some of the product categories covered by the SDi Global Assessment Report 2018: The Laboratory Analytical & Life Science Instrumentation Industry. The SDi Global Report is comprised of ten major sections, each devoted to a major class of instrumentation. Here’s what manufacturers can expect in 2018. Chromatography: Mobile and High […]

Last week, we highlighted key advantages of Portable Molecular Spectroscopy. While portable spectrometers make it possible to analyze unknown materials, analyzing unknown and unexplored information from DNA is just as crucial. Recently, scientists have been able to gather much information from our exons, the parts of DNA that are considered coding regions for proteins. However, […]

The 2017 Market for NGS Informatics: Probing the Commercial Landscape is designed to help companies navigate the crowded market for products and services that support Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data analysis and storage. Scientists face many challenges when choosing a solution: it is often difficult to determine the significance of results, the storage space needed […]

BioInformatics has become the preeminent leader in the market for commercial and VOC data, analysis and industry-wide opinions about the hottest topic in the life sciences: CRISPR/Cas9 technology. (See our complimentary report The CRISPR Toolbox.) In the 2016 Life Science Global Lab Funding & Budget Outlook, we polled members of The Science Advisory Board and asked: “What do […]

We’re officially into the second half of 2015 and, inevitably, smack dab in the “Summer Doldrums.” While a good portion of the world takes their holiday at this time of year, BioInformatics is in the midst of preparing its most comprehensive report, The 2016 Global Life Science Funding and Budget Outlook. Comprised of both secondary […]