Life Scientists and Content Marketing: What, Why and Who Cares?

What is content marketing—and why should life science marketers care?

Life science suppliers have been creating great content for decades—websites, manuals, protocols, product selection guides, seminars, webinars, videos, and the list goes on. How is content creation and deployment different today—and why?

Today is different because buyers in the life sciences—like consumers in all markets—are taking the lead in the sales process. Customers are often completing 60% or more of their pre-purchase activities without contacting a sales representative. Life science vendors can influence the purchasing decisions of these stealth customers by providing them with real information (a.k.a., content) they can use as they navigate their purchasing journey.

The core concept is that content marketing is focused on providing customers with information that they want or need, rather than a sales pitch geared to a specific product. Content marketing is about giving away relevant information for free to enhance the company’s reputation and to attract an audience of potential buyers. In this exchange, customers might share some personal information about them, if the transaction has sufficient value from the customer’s perspective.

Content marketing reflects the shift in power from sellers to buyers.


Reference: Content Marketing and the Transformation of Life Science Marketing