Key Driver Preferences: What Academic and Industrial Scientists Want

We found that instrument performance seems to be the number one way to please both an academic and industrial scientist. That said, for academic respondents, value for price paid ranks second behind performance while for industrial respondents, ease-of-use ranks second.

While the values of these second-ranked scores do not vary widely, they reflect a subtle but essential difference in how the two segments most likely approach buying life science instrumentation. Academic scientists, especially those in settings where funding may be constrained, may be more price-sensitive than ever before, likely having a preference for instruments that provide good value for the money.

Industrial scientists seeking enhanced process efficiencies may be more interested in having an instrument be fully functional as soon as possible with a straightforward protocol and/or intuitive interface. Other differences by segment in the rank order associated with these key drivers are summarized in the Key Driver Preferences by Market Segment table below.

Key Driver Preferences

*These findings are based on a recent study published by BioInformatics, LLC. This report was designed to help suppliers identify brand strengths and weaknesses and to provide direction as to how to differentiate instrumentation offerings. This report offers suppliers an unbiased assessment of how major brands are performing compared to their closest competitors. Learn more about report #13-005: Life Science Instrumentation: Brand Performance.