Sales reps: The Importance of Maintaining Two Presences, On-Site and Online

Sales reps who combine their “offline” interpersonal skills with an “online” tech savvy approach will be the most successful in reframing scientists’ assumptions about the traditional role of a sales rep. A sales rep that knows how to respectfully engage a scientist’s attention can offer enhanced value through the selective use of electronic media.

As an example, we asked scientists what they expect their local sales reps to have on-hand during a lab visit.  From a diverse list of options, they strongly favored traditional items such as price lists and product brochures as well electronic pricing tools and promotional flash drives.

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Our recent report examines the ways in which scientists learn about the products they need in the lab, their interactions with sales reps, and their preferences for technical and purchasing assistance. It also assesses how well scientists believe sales reps from leading life science suppliers support their purchase decision processes.

Learn more about BioInformatics LLC’s Report #12-002: Life Science Sales Reps: A Guide to Best Practices in 2012.