As reported in Instrument Business Outlook, (12/1/16), the seventh Life Science Industry Awards® (LSIAs) were presented November 15th in San Diego, California, at a gala at the Hilton Bayfront. Presented by research and advisory firm BioInformatics LLC, the LSIAs recognize life sciences tool companies for their outstanding performance in 13 categories, including new products, best […]

Real-time PCR systems, which is also called quantitative PCR (qPCR), quantifies DNA as it accumulates in the reaction after each amplification cycle.  Quantification typically involves the use of fluorescent dyes that attach to double-stranded DNA, or the use of modified DNA oligonucleotide probes that fluoresce when hybridized with complementary DNA. With over 25 years on […]

Understanding the market size and share for your product line is critical to gauge the impact of ongoing marketing, to stay informed about competitors, and to calibrate important marketing efforts.  A Market Estimation from BioInformatics LLC provides your company with the current landscape, forecasted changes in the market, and the positioning of each major competitor. […]