January 2019 Digest

News: Create a Custom Subscription Plan for a Successful 2019

On behalf of BioInformatics Inc., SDi, IMV, and Kalorama, we’ve created a catalog of our upcoming 2019 reports that cover every major market from scientific discovery to clinical diagnostics to pharmaceuticals. Call us by at: 703.778.3080 x19 to create a custom subscription plan for your company and save BIG on reports published throughout the year.

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Blog: Top 12 Predictions for 2019

BioInformatics Inc., along with our colleagues at Strategic Directions International (SDi), Kalorama Information, and IMV Research have made several predictions for 2019 in a variety of scientific and healthcare areas. According to our market analysts, watch for these 12 trends to unfold in 2019.

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Announcement: 2019 Global Process Instrumentation

Our report provides a market analysis for process analytical instruments. Technical, business, and economic trends are assessed with emphasis being placed on the impact these forces have on demand. All major product types and competitors are identified, and their competitive positions and future prospects are characterized.

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Forecasting: Instrument Business Outlook Forecast Issue

This special, stand alone issue, that is a comprehensive set of market data and growth forecasts for the analytical and life science instrument and laboratory products industries, based on SDi’s market intelligence and data gathering methods. Forecasts are further segmented by region, industry, technology, and vendor. This issue is accompanied by its mid-year update, which will reflect the updated data.

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Promo: Life Science Conference and Exhibit Strategies: What’s Working Now

For vendors, conferences continue to be an important marketing medium. For organizers, engaging messaging, event layout, and other considerations need to be planned out effectively to attract attendees and ensure a rewarding experience for both scientists and vendors. In this report, we detail out which life science conference and exhibit strategies are working — and which aren’t.

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