Market Research Toolbox: Engage Customers In New Product

Companies that genuinely understand their scientific customers dominate the competition. You will bring better products to market when you engage your customers early in the new product development process.

The new Co-creation platform from BioInformatics LLC lets you tap into the creativity of dozens – even hundreds – of customers to formulate new idea, imagine new features, and test product concepts. Co-creation in an interactive, online dialog with qualified scientists. Guided by a trained moderator, you and your team will embark on a journey with your customers to understand their unmet needs and develop product concepts that deliver real value.

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Co-creation is used by more than 50% of Fortune 500 companies to gather meaningful insights and drive innovation. It’s fast, effective, and will change the way you think about new product development.

Benefits of Co-Creation:

Increase innovation velocity – From need identification to reviewing innovative ideas and concept within days.

Reduce innovation risk – Consensus among participants gives confidence that your ideas are on the right track.

Increase flow of quality ideas & concepts into the development pipeline – The creative and intellectual skill sets of carefully selected participants ensure new ideas represent real market needs 

Accelerate time to market – Co-creation’s feedback process weeds out misfit ideas quickly so that only the most promising ideas make it to the next steps.

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