Promotion: Lab Budget Report

2017 Lab Budgets and Sources of Funding in 2017: The Market Outlook for the United States, Europe and Asia is now available. This comprehensive report is based on a survey of more than 1,000 life scientists who answered a detailed questionnaire about their budget and spending plans for 2017. This unique report details the percent of lab budgets allocated for instrumentation and consumables. Spending for both is then presented for 10 broad sub-categories including:

  • Cell based analysis
  • Genome analysis
  • Protein analysis
  • General lab equipment
  • Cell-based analysis kits and reagents
  • Genome analysis and reagents
  • Protein purification and separation kits and reagents
  • Live animals
  • General laboratory chemicals, plasticware, glassware and disposables

This report examines customer sentiment regarding lab funding. We take the pulse of the scientific community regarding technological innovations. As displayed below, it is clear that CRISPR is still the breakthrough technology that scientists are most excited about. lab budget image 3

The data is presented by market segment and region. The insights contained in this report will enable senior management to forecast demand, fine-tune projections, and set goals and allocations for 2017. The chart below depicts laboratory spending (details will vary by region and segment).


Lab budget image


Click here to download the Report Overview and Table of Contents.