March 2019 Digest

News: Science Advisory Board Media Announcements

For more than 20 years, Bioinformatics Inc. has managed a global online community of scientists — The Science Advisory Board (SAB). Our members have told us that one of the most interesting communications they can receive from vendors are new product announcementsWith tens of thousands of opted-in, life and analytical science professionals across the globe, our SAB Announcements and sponsored communities are the perfect way to effectively engage your customers.

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News: Pharma & Biotech, Chemicals and Energy Drive Growth

The global market for laboratory instrumentation reached over $63 billion in 2018 which experienced a robust growth rate. Our analysts found that the overall analytical instrument industry is expected to increase by 5.0% over the next five years and reach over $80 billion by 2023. While the outlook for 2019 is a bit more conservative, the long-term outlook remains generally solid.

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Upcoming Release: Digital Marketing to Life Scientists

This report examines some of the most important elements of digital marketing, including Search Engine Optimization, social media, email, mobile, video, webinars, websites, and content marketing. It also includes trended data from 2017, so you can see how generational and time changes are impacting how scientists interact with your marketing.

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Blog: The Continuously Evolving Life Science Sales Rep

When we probe deeper than a mere ranking we find that sales reps are still an essential element of the marketing mix, and often a key determinant of a successful sale. Scientific customers who tend to discount the influence of reps in their purchase decisions also recognize the value of a good rep who can help solve their problems.

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Promo: Maximizing Sales Rep Effectiveness for the Life Sciences

We explore the role of life science supplier sales reps and identify ways that sales teams can have a positive impact on scientists’ relationships with supplier companies. We surveyed over 950 scientists around the world to find out how much (or little) they rely on their sales reps when purchasing specific instruments and consumables.

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Tool Kit: Research Trends

Biotechnology research has been characterized by startling innovations and advances. Companies which continuously monitor their research environments are far more likely to prosper than those who do not. The primary goal of this is not to discuss esoteric theories, but to elicit actionable information that can lead to new products and processes.

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Trending from Instrument Business Outlook: China’s Biotech Industry Thrives with Government Support

Although it is only 10% of the size of the US biotechnology market, China’s biotech industry has experienced a rapid rise over the past 10 years, and is currently valued at approximately $4.7–$6.2 billion, with agricultural biotechnology worth an estimated $8.1 billion. China is aiming to decrease the gap between itself and the US through enhancing government strategies, increasing R&D spending in the industry and more.

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