May 2019 Digest

News: Extractables & Leachables in Single Use Bioprocessing

Single-use or disposable biomanufacturing replaces stainless steel tanks, bioreactors, and plumbing with plastic, to provide flexibility, agility, and speed to the production of therapeutic proteins. Extractables and leachables may interact unfavorably with, biopharmaceuticals, thus rendering medicines ineffective.

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Upcoming Release: The Market for Biosimilars

Our Partners at Kalorama Information have just released their report on the Biosimilar Market! Biosimilars are not generic biologics because there can be no generic form of biologics due to the complex process of creating biologics. Biosimilar Market Trends 2019 is designed to provide a snapshot of issues and trends that are affecting the biosimilar market today, along with the various strategies being used by both innovator companies and generic companies in the developing world of biosimilars.

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Blog: Laboratory Fume Hoods Market Parallels Laboratory Construction; BioPharma Trends

Many chemical and biological processes of a laboratory’s work release hazardous gases into the air and protection for personnel and the lab environment is required. The most common way to do this is with the use of a fume hood. Though the market for these systems may not be as dynamic as complex analytic instruments, demand for fume hoods will experience growth as the entire pharmaceutical and biological laboratory market expands, and as lab construction is boosted in emerging markets.

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Trending from Instrument Business Outlook: IBO Dives into Deep Learning with Schrödinger

An important aspect of drug discovery and design is QSAR, or Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship studies. QSAR attempts to create mathematical models that illustrate the relationship of the chemical and physical properties of compounds to their chemical structures. QSAR is commonly used for the prediction of pharmacokinetic properties, such as absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME),

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Tool Kit: Trends in In vitro Diagnostics

This presentation includes:

  • Major Trends Impacting IVD Market
  • What IVD Needs in 2019
  • Kalorama’s IVD Market Assessment, 2018-2013
  • Breakouts of Major Categories
  • Outsourcing to IVD Markets

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